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SEO Specifically for New Businesses

New businesses have specific and unique SEO needs. This is due to having a brand new website, little to no content on your website yet, and little to no online press about your business.

There are some specific steps new businesses need to focus on in order to begin to rank on Google.

On this page, I'll share the most impactful steps to take now, organized by lowest level-of-effort. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it as you work through each step.

*Note that these steps don't guarantee top Google rankings, and in most cases, further efforts will be required to drive steady organic traffic to your site. But these steps are ESSENTIAL and doing them yourself will also help you save money on future SEO campaigns, especially if you work with me.

Step 1: Write 3 Educational Blog Posts and Post Them to Your Site

Show Google's Algorithm that you are a true expert by writing 1,000+ words per post.



  1. Write down the top questions you get from potential customers. This may include "what is the best X for Y?" or "how much does X cost?" Then choose 3 to write articles about.

    1. HINT: Type those questions into Google and look at the "People also ask" section to get ideas based on what people actually type in to Google.

Time-Saving Tip: Use the AI blogging tool Content At Scale to write the post for you based on your own expertise. Use my input suggestions below to get the best output from Content At Scale. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to track your keyword rankings!

If you're putting in time and effort to adding content to your site, you will definitely want to know if your efforts are creating any traction or not. Add the questions you wrote articles about, and add the keywords/phrases you want to show up for on Google to a keyword tracking tool. I recommend using SEMRush. If you are a local business, you will DEFINITELY want to use SEMRush, as you will be using their Local Listings tool as well.

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