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SEO Consultant For Agencies & Teams

I help agencies build their SEO programs, fill resource gaps, and scale their bandwidth.

I've worked at agencies for 10+ years. Throughout that time, I've lead teams and departments, and managed enterprise clients such as:

...and many more!

I can support you in the following areas:

  • Client-facing SEO strategy

  • SEO training and education

  • Process & systems development (for new and emerging SEO departments looking for expertise in building their workflows) 

    • (I've built two SEO departments from scratch supporting over $1MM in revenue)

  • Keyword research

  • SEO strategy development

  • Content strategy development

  • Content execution (planning, writing, editing, and managing implementation)

  • Link building

  • Need other support? Just ask! I may be able to help

Contact me at to discuss your needs further!

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